Thinking About Going Keto? Here's What You Need to Know Before You Jump

If you're a super-sensitive celiac that hasn't been able to get your symptoms under control, the Keto Diet might look quite inviting. Many celiacs are turning to Keto to help them avoid cross contamination. Keto severely restricts the amount of carbohydrates you eat, so it would greatly cut down on the potential to get accidentally glutened.

When you limit your carbohydrates to vegetables, green salads, nuts, dairy products, sugar substitutes, and other low-carb foods, you'll eliminate large sources of gluten.

However, just going Keto is not enough.

Not all Keto Diets are gluten free, especially if you intend on expanding your diet beyond the basics of meat, eggs, cheese, nuts, and vegetables. You will still have the potential for cross contamination to deal with. Plus, there often is MORE gluten in low-carb products than in the foods they replace, so you'll also have to keep your guard up.

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